About Us

ITC FinTec, a member of the ITC family of companies, is built upon experience helping donors and charities with diverse objectives meet their goals.

It is our purpose to partner with donors and institutions to help navigate the rapidly-changing charity market and lead each to accomplish their common mission: to serve one another.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to serve others, and it's accomplished by providing a dynamic Philanthropic Marketplace on which donors and institutions can build beneficial and lasting relationships.

For Donors

For donors, ITC FinTec provides the best options to give to charities through a wide range of giving structures, such as long-term trusts. And to charitable institutions we offer a large network of active supporters – many seeking large gift opportunities.

A Message from the CEO

Thank you for visiting ITC FinTec. Our mission at ITC FinTec is to help us all serve one another.

Specifically we are focused on removing the barriers for donors to complete large or legacy gifts to any qualified charity that they choose in the country.

We strive to spread optimism, hope, and funding to support the millions of worthy and deserving missions. The result of our mission of service is that our team and those that we touch experience the joy of serving a goal greater than ourselves.

As a business person, I knew that many of the passionate organizations and individuals with whom we had the fortune to become acquainted needed a way to obtain consistent funding. I also had personal and professional knowledge that many of the donors who could provide this funding had many barriers to completing large gifts to these very worthy organizations.

ITC FinTec was created specifically to remove these barriers for these donors and charities, serving as a bridge to easily connect them.

Our Philanthropic Marketplace allows donors and charities to connect and communicate with each other in one easy and efficient format.

If donors would like to make anything other than a outright gift, they can use our Gift Completion Services, where, at the donors option, our best of class partners can help donors set up the correct giving structures and institutional quality gift administration services.

If the donors prefer to use our partners for investment management services, they can also choose to do so from our platform.

Our desire is to make it as easy, efficient, and transparent as possible for donors to communicate with a broad variety of charities and complete large gifts, without any barriers, all on our platform.

It is the hope of our team that we can help like-minded individuals and institutions achieve their goals and dreams.

We look forward to serving you.