Enhance your fundraising capabilities

ITC FinTec offers your charity practical solutions, flexible management services, and a dynamic platform for philanthropy.

Access a vast network of active donors and new funding opportunities through our Philanthropic Marketplace. Combined with our Gift Setup, Gift Management, and Listing services, you can leverage our Philanthropic Marketplace to offer better giving options and attract new supporters – all without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

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Gift Completion Services

Whether or not you already have an internal team, ITC FinTec can set up and manage your gifts. Rely on our platform to augment your fundraising strategy and optimize your results.

  • Legal Services

    If you choose, our Legal Partners are available to provide the legal assistance you may need to set up a gift through a charitable trust.

  • Gift Administration

    Our gift administration partners can provide services such as: calculating and completing trust distributions, preparing tax forms, records maintenance, and other administrative services.

  • Investment Management

    Our investment management partners provide investment execution within the goals and constraints set forth by the governing trust documents.

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