Within the scope of your overall financial plan, we can help you establish your legacy of generosity.

With ITC FinTec, you gain access to various gift structures, more control over and transparency into the entire process, as well as a diverse network of charities that compete for your gift, earning you the most favorable terms. In addition, our highly skilled team offers donation setup assistance and maximum management flexibility.

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Philanthropic Marketplace

Discover new, value-aligned charities with exciting missions you never knew existed. ITC FinTec’s Philanthropic Marketplace features a number of organizations accepting a wide variety of giving structures. From short-range campaigns to long-term, capital-generating trusts, find the right funding strategy for your philanthropic goals.

Gift Completion Services

Already have a skilled team to help set up your gift? Great! If not, ITC FinTec can help you select, setup, and start your gift. For your convenience ITC FinTec assembled a team of partners to help you complete your gift.

  • Legal Services

    If you choose, our Legal Partners can provide the legal assistance you need to set up your charitable trust.

  • Gift Administration

    Our gift administration partners can provide services such as: calculating and completing trust distributions, preparing tax forms, records maintenance, and other administrative services.

  • Investment Management

    Our investment management partners provide investment execution within the goals and constraints set forth by the governing trust documents.

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